Asparagus Media is a full service studio located in Takoma Park, MD.  We work with bands of all shapes and sizes to produce world-class recordings.  There are two studios, two control rooms and a voiceover booth. All rooms are soundproof, acoustically treated, and inter-connected.

There are plenty of vintage mics, high-end preamps and compressors, Pro-Tools HD, guitars, amps, a Yamaha U1 piano, and more!  But most importantly we've been doing this for many years, and know how to use the technology to get an amazing sound.

In 2019 we expanded our services to include rehearsals for bands/artists, and offer a full backline.  In 2020 we partnered with video technician Tony Ventouris to offer live streaming events, featuring studio-quality audio and high-def, multi-camera video.
We're also composers, and write original music for network and cable television.  Our music has appeared on national TV spots, award-winning documentaries and indie films. Learn more about it here.  Our engineers are experienced at mixing audio for films and docs (audio-post), with numerous credits at Discovery and National Geographic.

Reach out to us anytime to discuss your project or schedule a studio visit.  We'd love to hear from you!
Owner/Senior Engineer: Steve Steckler
Audio Engineers: Lapo Ogunyemi, Rashad Young,
Tariq Sudah, Sharon Harmon
Technical Consultants: Marcus Marshall, Qianta Corbitt (Q), Eric Wenocur
Studio Designers: Chris Evans-Audio Design Solutions, Robin Bliss
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